Rafting Tarom! Ture svaki dan!

One day rafting

Rafting day

One day rafting

– The breakfast
– 1 Rafting
– Lunch

The program

First day

Arrival at the camp Tara 87 in the morning hours. Breakfast in our restaurant starts at 10 am (if it is needed we can postpone breakfast time). In restaurant we are serving domestic food and local specialites.

After breakfast you should get dressed into rafting equipment. Everybody gets his neoprene suit and boots, vest and helmet.

Than we drive you from camp to Brštenovica, place where rafting starts. There we form teams and have a short meeting with skipper (driver of the boat) in order to educate you about how you should row and sit in the boat, and to inform you about other rules during rafting.

Rafting starts at none and lasts for about 3 to 4 hours, including breaks for swimming, taking pictures, getting rest and detour of waterfall. Ride is long for 25km, first on the river Tara, than the river Drina and eventually arriving at the camp. Breathtaking nature and adrenalin that you will feel are the perfect combination.

Rafting is ending at the beach near camp around 4.00 pm, than you change clothes and get into warm shower. After that comes lunch at the restaurant with domestic food (veal, lamb…). After lunch tour is finished.

If you are vegetarian or have special requests considering the food please inform us before your arrival.

The price:

70 €

  • Breakfast and lunch at the camp
  • Rafting equipment
  • 1 rafting with our boats
  • Transportation of our vans to Brštenovica
  • Local taxes 5€

Send inquiry

    Vaše Ime i Prezime / Name, Surname



    Datum dolaska / Arrival date

    Broj osoba / Number of persons


    • All meals in our restaurant
    • Insurance and residence tax
    • Licensed Skippers Services
    • Rental of rafting equipment according to EU standards
    • Parking lot
    • WiFi in the camp


    • Drinks (prices are favorable)


    – If you have any special needs regarding food or you are a vegetarian, please tell us before arrival. – There is no age limit for downhill – You do not have to have any previous experience